Internet Access in Rome

Whether you want to email your friends, check the latest news from home or update your blog, at some point you're likely to want to access the internet. The easiest way is to go into one of the many internet cafés around Rome. Alternatively, if you have a laptop with a wireless connection, you could take yourself to one of Rome's Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Getting online in Rome Getting online in Rome

If your laptop is suitably equipped, you may want to try going wireless in Rome. One of the providers,, offers tokens from €2,95 for an hour of wireless surfing. There are other services, so it's worth having a look and finding one with a hotspot that's convenient for you.

There is also some wireless hotspots, run by the city, which are currently free. Primarily these are based around Villa Borghese, although there are more around the city. More information can be found at the Roma Wireless website.