Fiumicino Airport (aka Leonardo da Vinci Airport)


Fiumicino airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci airport, is the main airport for Rome, and lies on the coast to the south-west of the city. You're likely to arrive at Fiumicino if if you fly with one of the main carriers, such as British Airways or Alitalia (smaller carriers and budget airlines often fly into Ciampino instead).

Getting to Rome from Fiumicino

Trains from Fiumicino to Rome

There's a direct express shuttle train that runs between Fiumicino Airport and Termini Station in Rome. It's called the Leonardo Express, and it always leaves from the platform at the far side of the airport's own train station. Tickets cost €14 per person, one way. You can get more information, or buy tickets, from the Trenitalia website.

Depending on where in Rome you're trying to get to, and whether you're in a hurry, there's also the slower regional train, which is a little cheaper at €, and stops at other stations in Rome, but not Termini. For timetables and ticket prices, visit

Whichever train you take, don't forget to convalidate your ticket after you've bought it but before getting on the train; this can be done by inserting it in the little yellow stamping machines on the platforms.

Taxis from Fiumicino Airport

As always in Rome, but especially at airports, watch out for dishonest taxi drivers. Ignore any touts who approach you in the arrivals hall, and head outside to the official taxi rank.

There is a fixed rate fare in place for taxi journeys between Fiumicino airport and the city centre (defined as anywhere within the old Aurelian walls). The rate is now an eye-watering €48 and includes baggage and up to four passengers. Confirm with the driver that they'll honour this fixed fare before getting into the cab.

Take a look at our section on taxis in Rome for more information on common taxi scams, and to download the official tarrif.

See also the Fiumicino airport official website.