Centrale Montemartini

Via Ostiense 106

Tel. +39 06 39967800

Website www.centralemontemartini.org

Opening hours Open Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-19:00. Closed Mondays and some public holidays.

Ticket prices €4.50 / €3.50 concessions. (Free to EU citizens under 18 / over 60).

One of the most interesting of Rome’s many museums is the Museo della Centrale Montemartini, an extension to the Capitoline Museums.

It's housed in a structure that was originally Rome’s first electrical power station. The contrast between the vast turbines and engines of the industrial age, and the elegance of the classical statuary arranged around them is an imposing one and creates a very unusual atmosphere.

Highlights of the collection

centrale montemartini Centrale Montemartini (photo: Eleanor Murkett)

The main gallery is dominated by two large diesel motors dating from 1933, which are now stylishly lined with marble statuary and pieces from Roman temples and triumphal arches. Works to look out for in Centrale Montemartini include the famous Togato Barberini – a late Republican senator displaying the busts of his ancestors, a fine terracotta statue of Athena and a beautiful marble statue of the muse Polimnia. You can also see some of the sculptures which once adorned the temple of Apollo Sosianus situated near to the Temple of Macellus, and which depict a battle between the Greeks and the Amazons. On the ground floor, you will find some of the museum’s earliest exhibits including some decorations found in Etruscan tombs and temples.

There is also an area dedicated to the luxurious gardens (horti) of the Romans, which display many of the objects found in the grounds of several aristocratic and imperial villas in the area. There is also a magnificent mosaic floor depicting scenes from a hunting party which was found near to Porta Maggiore and has only recently been made accessible to the public.

Visiting Museo Centrale Montemartini

Museo Centrale Montemartini is found at can be reached by foot or by bus from Piramide metro station (linea B). On the third floor there is a nice café which serves snacks and drinks.