Bioparco Zoo

Opening hours Open 9:30-17:00 from November to 25 March and 9:30-18:00 from 26 March until 31 October. Last entrance is an hour before closing time, at which point they also start to reduce access to some of the exhibits.

Ticket prices Entry to Bioparco costs €16/€13.

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Bioparco, the large zoo at the northern edge of Rome's Villa Borghese park, has had something of a mixed reputation over the years. One of Europe's oldest zoos, opened originally in 1911, its facilities were outdated and the the animals were not always kept in the best conditions. However, following a recent facelift and rebranding, there have been many improvements.

There is still room for more (some of the cages and enclosures do seem a little small) but the rechristened Bioparco is at least heading in the right direction.

Things to See

camel at bioparco zoo A camel at Bioparco zoo

Once you've spent some time wandering around the usual range of lions, tigers, camels, bears, zebras, giraffes, (etc...), it's worth taking a look at the reptile house. It's themed around "Furti di Natura" (thefts from nature). The display begins with a short film on the theme, which is shown inside a mock aeroplane. Then follows the chance to see an exhibition of endangered animals and animal products which have been confiscated in and around Rome over the years. The most impressive of these is certainly Mario, a crocodile who was rescued from a Rome apartment where he was being kept in the bathtub as a pet.

For children there is a petting zoo and a playground, with a theatre and other attractions available at certain times - see their website for current details.