Open Baladin

A range of Italian beers on sale at Open Baladin in Rome. A range of Italian beers on sale at Open Baladin in Rome.

There are a few places in Rome where you can get a beer, but few have the enthusiasm and diversity of Open Baladin.

Opened in 2009 by the Baladin brewery, Open Baladin stocks a range of 140 Italian beers from their own brewery, and just about any other artisanal Italian brewery you can think of. Draught beers are €4 for a 33cl glass, or €5 for the 'specials'. There's also food on offer, including homemade crisps, burgers, and various snacks and full meals.

We've heard reports of low-quality food (soggy crisps, tasteless burgers), but it's been excellent every time we've visited. As a new venue run by a young staff, they may still be ironing out the occasional wrinkle. The main reason to go, though, is the beer, and this is a great chance to sample a range of what Italy has to offer, fresh from the taps.

It's a big place (there's also a room upstairs for imported beers), and as often the case in Italy, the clientele is varied: the older crowd seems to come by early in the evening for a glass of beer and a bite to eat.

Via degli Specchi, 6
Tel: 06 6838989