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Rome, Open City

With its rich history, beautiful scenery and political importance as the capital of Italy, Rome has provided a fantastic source of inspiration for Italian film-makers. In this section of Rome File you'll find reviews of some of the best Italian films set in Rome.

To give a sense of the progression of Italian cinema, the films on the right are listed by year of release, from the Neo-realist classics such as Bicycle Thieves or Rome, Open City up to more modern releases like The Family Friend or the 2003 political hostage thriller Good Morning, Night, based on the real-life kidnapping of ex-prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978.

"The words 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' which I saw on an Italian movie poster, are perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies."

Pauline Kael

As well as these films set in Rome, we also have a section on other Italian films you'll also see reviews of some other Italian films, DVD boxed sets and profiles of some Italian directors.

At the bottom of each review, there are details of American and British DVD releases (where available). Not only are many of these films masterpieces in their own right, but if you're learning Italian they can make a great way to practice listening to the language.