Pasolini Vol 1

  • Pasolini Vol. 1
  • (DVD & book boxed set)

Pasolini (Volume 1) is a boxed set released in the UK by Tartan Video, featuring three of Pier Paolo Pasolini's early films. The films are Pasolini's debut Accattone, the anthology RoGoPag and the documentary Love Meetings.

The combination of genres, along with the broader context provided by the other contributors to RoGoPaG and the inclusion, in its entirety, of Pasolini's novel A Violent Life, makes this set a brilliant introduction to the early work of one of Italy's most respected artists.


Pasolini was already established in Italy as a writer before making his directorial debut with Accattone. The film tells the story of a small-time pimp who will do anything he can to avoid work. Accattone is a brilliant and lyrical film, and the transfer on this disc is from a wonderfully crisp print. For more information about the film, see our full review of Accattone.


In 1963 Pasolini collaborated on this anthology film, contributing the short La Ricotta. The other segments of the film are Jean-Luc Godard's Il Nuovo Mondo, Ugo Gregoretti's Il Pollo Ruspante and Illibatezza by Roberto Rossellini.

Love Meetings

In Love Meetings, Pasolini adopted a documentary format in order to interview Italians about a range of taboo subjects.

A Violent Life

Tartan Video have taken the inspired step of including a copy of A Violent Life, Pasolini's 1959 novel about life in the Roman slums. It's an attractive edition and the translation is by the great William Weaver, whose other translations have included works by Umberto Eco, Italo Calvino, Italo Svevo and Primo Levi. His translation of A Violent Life earned him the John Florio prize for translation. Putting this novel in the set is a great idea, and really reinforces the fact that Pasolini's contribution to Italian culture went a great deal further than just his films.

Although this boxed set is light on DVD extras (each film comes with only a trailer), the high quality of the film transfers, along with the inclusion of A Violent Life make this a great introduction to the work of Pasolini.