Rome Film Festival 2016


The 2016 edition of the Rome Film Festival will run from the 13th to the 23rd of October, with most of the film shows based around the Auditorium in Rome.

Now in its eleventh year, Rome's major film festival has undergone several apparent changes of name (or at least of branding), from RomeFilmFest to Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma to Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma. Recently, they seem to have settled on Festa del Cinema di Roma in Italian, and Rome Film Fest in English.

The content too has changed: the early festivals drew criticism for being too American-centric, while more recently the festival has had a greater focus on Italian cinema and international films.

2015 highlights included retrospective of Chilean director Pablo Larrain and Italian Antonio Pietrangeli, the premiere of a new short by Paolo Sorrentino, a tribute evening dedicated to Pasolini, and events with William Friedkin, Renzo Piano, and an evening with Wes Anderson and Donna Tartt.

For more details of the 2016 edition, see the official site for the festival at